CommScope’s FIST™MSC – all-in-one fibre splice closure

Created March 31, 2020
Product Focus

A significant challenge that network operators face is the ability to respond quickly to new market conditions – they need speed to market when rolling out new equipment and services. Controlling labour and training costs are necessary for efficient deployment. It can be difficult to ensure that the right people with the right training are available at the right time.

CommScope’s FIST™ modular splice closure helps customers respond to future changes while delivering unparalleled reliability. The new closure brings all-in-one versatility to networks because it works with the widest range of cable types while maintaining easy access to the individual fibres within those cables. It is both reliable and versatile, accommodating new technologies, new topologies, and installation requirements in the feeder and distribution portions of the network.

Gel sealing technologies: Composed of eight interchangeable and wrap around cold-seal segments that are field and factory installable.
Wide range of cables: Universal termination for 1-27mm cables.
FIST fibre management: Single circuit and single-element splice trays with high levels of performance at high splice capacity.
Easy install: Removable base with easy access during installation and provisioning.

Finding fibre deployment efficiencies is key to outpacing the competition. Consumers today have an unprecedented amount of control in their relationship with providers, and subscriber satisfaction has become paramount to avoid customer churn. The FIST™ modular splice closure is a solution that is efficient right out of the box!

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