Magazine article: Addressing the Skills Shortage

Created February 11, 2020

One of the big issues facing the fibre optics communications industry in 2019,
and which will continue to have an impact well into 2020 and beyond, is the
shortage of skilled technicians. With massive rollouts of FTTx across Europe
and the United States, the proliferation of datacentres and the onset of 5G,
demand for trained technicians and engineers is already outstripping supply, a
situation likely to continue for several years to come. Basic training for e.g. FTTx
installation technicians has been made somewhat easier thanks to the design
of new test and splicing equipment, however the practical skills necessary for
optical networks are so radically different to those required for copper-based
networks that even experienced technicians need a degree of retraining in order
to make the switch to fibre. Optical Connections Editor Peter Dykes looks at how
the skills shortage is being addressed.

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