Orange Poland strengthens and automates core network with Juniper

Created December 16, 2019
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Juniper Networks has been chosen by Orange Poland to enhance the resilience and automation capabilities of its IP network core. This will ensure Orange Poland is ready to meet the growing demands of its fixed and mobile network users, specifically in preparation for the roll-out of 5G.

Orange Poland’s core network is based on Juniper Networks’ MX Series 5G Universal Routing Platform that includes MX2020, MX2010, MX10003 and MX960 systems. Additionally, with the deployment of NorthStar Controller – Juniper’s WAN controller for software-defined traffic optimisation – Orange Poland will enjoy a powerful and flexible traffic-engineering solution that enables granular visibility into and control over IP/MPLS flows in its network.

Furthermore, with the expected addition of Juniper’s Contrail HealthBot next year, Orange Poland’s WAN network will have an automated toolset for visibility into operational performance and infrastructure resources. This will allow Orange Poland to leverage big-data analytics and machine learning in a distributed architecture that puts the power of self-driving infrastructure at the core of Orange Poland’s cloud.

Witold Konopka, director of WAN transport at Orange Poland, said: “With more than 20 million subscribers across mobile, FTTH, DSL and fixed telephony, Orange Poland is constantly evaluating ways to improve the performance and reliability of its network. By implementing Juniper’s intelligent network automation tools in our core network, we can deliver savings in network operations, mitigate network incidents and better deploy network resources – a vital consideration for our move to 5G.”

Manfred Opificius, vice president of service provider sales for EMEA at Juniper Networks, said: “People are increasingly reliant on mobile devices, applications and services, and the growth of cloud services, combined with the initial launches of 5G, have built up customer expectations of faster downloads and high-quality application performance from our service provider customers. Orange Poland is driving to meet demand head on, while creating a sustainable business model that monetises its investment effectively.”

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