Citynet ensures fibre continuity with ADVA

Created December 17, 2019
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Citynet in Austria has deployed the ADVA ALM fibre monitoring solution in its backbone network. The technology is now enhancing performance and reducing operating costs in the municipal utility and telecommunications provider’s infrastructure.

With real-time insight into its fibre network, Citynet is able to rapidly locate and repair fibre breaks with minimal disruption, reducing truck rolls, lowering carbon footprint and improving sustainability. The solution is designed to ensure optimal service at carrier handover points and supports the delivery of high-value SLAs.

Technical support and maintenance is being provided by ADVA’s partner Componet. ADVA ALM is now proactively assuring Citynet’s fibre infrastructure throughout western Austria. Built on the ADVA FSP 3000 platform and FSP 150 multi-layer edge technology, the regional backbone network is fully protected by round-the-clock service-agnostic monitoring and managed by ADVA’s Ensemble Controller.

Now, Citynet can instantly and precisely locate breaks that could threaten mission-critical services. Maintenance teams can also quickly ascertain whether impairments are in Citynet’s own fibre plant or on a carrier’s side of the network. ADVA’s passive sensors are deployed in sites with no available power for remote link monitoring of utility holes and ducts.

Manuel Kofler, head of the IT division at Citynet, said: “The ADVA ALM enables our repair teams to quickly detect and pinpoint any degradation in our fibre plant. It means no more wasted hours on futile site visits. With proactive maintenance we can also resolve many more issues before services are affected so that outages can be avoided altogether.”

He added: “ADVA ALM is so effective that we expect the amortisation within the coming months. This simple device helps us deliver unbeatable performance and increase the value of our SLAs. Reducing truck rolls is key to tackling our carbon footprint and protecting our environment in the long term.”

Andreas Jelinek, senior director of sales for Eastern Europe, Russia and CIS, said: “Our monitoring technology has already had a significant impact on Citynet’s network and on the people who depend on it. With proactive, in-service monitoring of the integrity and performance of its fibre, Citynet is guaranteeing availability and safeguarding vital services.”

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