IX Reach strikes global connectivity deal with Evoque

Created October 28, 2019
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Optical connectivity provider IX Reach has signed a deal with Evoque Data Centres Solutions, a global data centre operator formed through the acquisition of AT&T’s colocation assets at the end of 2018. The alliance is designed to improve global connectivity for Evoque clients.

Evoque and its enterprise customers will be able to form secure, reliable and resilient connections to global destinations through the IX Reach network. They will be able to extend private network connections to cloud providers, SaaS services and other enterprises from Evoque data centres in Amsterdam, London, Paris and Hong Kong, for instance.

“With more business-critical workloads moving to the cloud and a greater dependency on data security, it is essential that customers have the option to form dedicated and private connections,” said the partners.

IX Reach’s One Portal brings simplicity to both building and managing these connections, all on a single port. One Portal is home to AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and IBM Cloud services, with over 25 on-ramps in North America, Europe and Asia. In addition to enabling fully automated cloud connectivity, One Portal provides access to hundreds of existing partners and vendors that are already using the platform. This creates new opportunities for partnerships and collaboration across any of IX Reach’s 240-plus global points-of-presence in over 30 countries around the world.

“Our partnership with Evoque Data Centres is very exciting for us as they recognise the potential in bringing a vast portfolio of quality solutions to their customers,” said Joey Cappelletti, director of partnerships for North America at IX Reach. “We gain access to an incredible base of customers providing them with immediate access to their cloud services and remote locations around the world.”

Drew Leonard, VP of strategy at Evoque Data Centres, said: “As part of Evoque’s business growth strategy our customers are balancing critical workloads between the cloud and their data centre footprint. Delivering access to multiple cloud platforms from within our data centres solves an important business need. The relationship with IX Reach instantly broadens our ecosystem and enables our customers to connect with multiple cloud providers, as well as internet exchange points and other on-net buildings through the IX Reach platform.”

Evoque is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and owns and operates 31 data centres across four continents and 11 countries.

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