AddOn moves into the EMEA optical networking market

Created October 23, 2019
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US vendor AddOn Networks has celebrated its twentieth anniversary by entering the EMEA-wide market for its transceivers and optical connectivity solutions. Last year, AddOn began its EMEA move with the first development of its UK-based facility to enable its expansion from the US. By combining resources with its parent company Halo Technology, the third-party optics provider, AddOn says it has the ability to deliver the short lead times it has in the North American market to the European market.

“At a base level, we’re focused on creating the highest quality connections around the world through fibre optic connectivity,” said Matt McCormick, CEO for AddOn Networks. “While it’s true that our transceivers expand network reach, increase bandwidth and improve network performance – it’s the way in which we do this that truly sets AddOn apart.

“We are completely service-orientated, and every process that we have in place allows us to be nimble and hyper-responsive, while still maintaining quality controls that go above and beyond what any other OEM can offer,” he maintained.

“AddOn’s presence in EMEA will enable customers to accelerate their network transformation in an already fast-growing market, while delivering a reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO) of up to 70% over other OEMs,” claimed McCormick.

In 2017, AddOn put US$20m into a compatibility assurance lab that enables it to test its products to customer specifications and OEM standards in equipment. That same year, Prolabs and AddOn Networks completed a merger. Founded in 1999, the company is headquartered in Tustin, California.

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