MACOM demonstrates Open Eye MSA compliant analogue chipset

Created September 10, 2019
The 200G demonstrations comprise of the company's MAOM-38051 four-channel transmit CDR and modulator driver and MAOT-025402 TOSA with the embedded MAOP-L284CN CWDM L-PIC transmitterTechnologies and Products

MACOM has given a live demonstration of a complete 200G optical module solution designed in collaboration with an industry leading optical manufacturer, leveraging MACOM’s Open Eye MSA compliant analogue chipset at CIOE 2019. The chipset is optimised for volume-scale deployment in high-density cloud datacenter links.

Targeted for faster, power efficient and lower cost optical interconnects, the chipset aims to provide a clear pathway to 200G throughput speeds utilising industry leading analogue components. MACOM’s fully analogue transmit and receive chipset is comprised of the MAOM-38053 four-channel transmit CDR with integrated laser driver and, on the receive side, features MACOM BSP56B photodetectors, a MATA-03819 quad TIA and the MASC-38040 four-channel receive CDR.

MACOM is applying its expertise and market leadership in 25Gbps and 100Gbps solutions to 50Gbps PAM-4 applications and specifically to 200G QSFP and 2 x 200G OSFP/QSFP-DD modules to bring the benefits of low power and low latency solutions in addition to existing digital signal processing (DSP) architectures, to cloud datacentres.

All of the MACOM analogue chipset products mentioned in this release are Open Eye MSA compliant and interoperable with multiple vendors. MACOM’s chipset is sampling to customers today and can be utilised for both single mode and multimode fibre applications.

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