iXblue releases new single and dual clad Ytterbium doped fibres

Created September 18, 2019
Technologies and Products

The new additions to iXblue specialty fibres portfolio include a highly doped single clad 6 µm core diameter Ytterbium doped fibre and a low NA double clad 20 µm core diameter Ytterbium doped fibre

The IXF-YDF-6-125 single clad Yb fibre features a 6 µm core and 125 µm cladding diameters. The doping level has been increased by a factor of three versus existing fibres. reaching 75 dB/m core absorption at 915nm This fibre is ideal to minimize path length in femtosecond fibre lasers or pre-amplifiers The fibre is available in Polarization Maintaining (PM) or non-PM versions

The IXF-2CF-YB-O-20-130 dual clad Yb fibre features a 20 µm core and 130 µm cladding diameter The fibre features a 0.08 numerical aperture and was specifically developed for integration into high power industrial amplifiers and high peak power laser applications requiring good beam quality The material composition of the fibre was carefully selected to avoid photodarkening effect

These two fibre releases reinforce iXblue·s position as a key and independent components provider for 1 µm fibre laser manufacturers iXblue Photonics offers Specialty fibres, bragg gratings and Lithium Niobate electro­ optic modulators.

For more information, visit www.ixblue.com


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