ECOC 2019: Sticklers™ focus on the importance of fibre inspection and cleaning

Created September 9, 2019
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In a bid to educate the industry on the importance of clean fibre, Sticklers™ Fibre Optic Cleaners will present its latest advancements at the European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC) in Dublin, Ireland from 23-25th September 2019. For the first time at ECOC, Sticklers™ Fibre Optic Cleaners will introduce the new comprehensive Sticklers™ Field Inspection and Cleaning Kits. Incorporating everything an engineer would need to effectively clean and inspect fibre, the kits ensure the process can be undertaken quickly and easily.

Liam Taylor, Sticklers™ European business manager, fibre optics said, “Since its launch just last year, the Sticklers™ Fibre Optic Cleaning Kits are being used worldwide to install and maintain fibre optics. If you are out in the field, it is important to have all the tools you could possibly need on hand so the process of cleaning and inspection can be done quickly and with ease. These convenient inspection and cleaning kits are becoming a staple piece of equipment within the industry.” He added, “As the new generation of networks roll-out, kits like those available in the Sticklers™ Fibre Optic Cleaners range are coming into their own. They help to make the inspection and cleaning of fibre before splicing and connecting simple. There is no room for error with the new advanced fibre optic infrastructure and so cleaning and inspection before connection is a key element to their success. The new kit is answering this essential requirement.”

Sticklers Fibre Optic Inspection and Cleaning Kits include Sticklers™ CleanClicker™ fibre optic connector cleaners, Sticklers™ Fibre Optic Splice & Connector Cleaner Fluid, Sticklers™ Clean Wipes, Sticklers™ CleanStixx™ connector cleaning sticks and a quality ‘all-in-one’ handheld microscope probe. All the tools are contained in a compact and robust water and airtight hard-sided carry case, keeping tools contaminant-free when out in the field.

Sticklers™ Fibre Optic Cleaners will also present visitors of ECOC to its other products including the Sticklers™ Fibre-To-The Antenna (FTTA) and the Sticklers™ FTTH Cleaning Kits. Designed specifically for these networks, the kits contain everything required to clean quickly and effectively with non-flammable, non-toxic and globally GHS compliant cleaning fluids. Packaged in hermetically sealed containers, the products can be easily shipped anywhere in the world.

Sticklers™ vcan be found in Hall 2, Booth #256 at ECOC 2019.

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