ECOC 2019: HUBER+SUHNER debuts new fibre connectivity solutions

Created September 23, 2019
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HUBER+SUHNER has debuted its LISA Double Access solution for the first time at ECOC 2019, as part of its fibre connectivity portfolio. The high-density and modular cross-connect fibre management system solution provides a maximum of 3,600 ports per rack making it crucial to the support of high-density applications and critical to future-proofing the industry. With no room for downtime in the datacentre, the reliable and highly efficient solution provides a separation of incoming and outgoing optical connectivity, which can be easily and efficiently managed.

“We realise that the LISA Double Access has long been the technology of choice and is an important aspect of network design for our customers,” said Eduardo Lopes, head of product management, fibre management systems at HUBER+SUHNER. “As pioneers in cost-effective cross-connect connectivity solutions, we are convinced that the use of a comprehensive, but simply structured fibre optic management system is crucial for the successful operation of a datacentre due to the vulnerability of fibre optic cabling.”

Alongside the LISA Double Access the  company also had on show its IANOS® fibre management system, which provides flexibility for managing high volumes of cables and data rates, supporting data rates from 1G to 400G and beyond, the system offers operators a flexible approach to the future with its pay-as-you-go approach.

Also joining HUBER+SUHNER’s line-up at ECOC 2019, was its novel Wavelength Division Multiplexer Coupling Module (WCM) for chip on-board, low-cost transceivers assemblies. Featuring between two and eight lambdas based on TFF filters and CUBO’s direct beam bouncing polymer optical bench technology, the WCM provides ultra-low loss performance to couple and (de)mux two-to-eight laser diodes or photo detectors from a PCB board into a fibre receptacle. It enables transceiver or optical board manufacturers to assemble the non-hermetic optical bench in a very low-cost passive way directly on top of the photo detectors or lasers integrated in their PCB board.

Adding to its fibre connectivity range, HUBER+SUHNER Cube Optics (CUBO) also debuted its new 400G PAM4 Receiver Optical Sub-Assembly (ROSA) at the event. Designed for use in 400GBase-FR transceivers, the four-channel demultiplexer – which contains four integrated photo detectors with linear transimpedance amplifiers – operates at 56GBaud lane speed and features an optical LC receptacle input and electrical flex foil output. The high sensitivity of -4.6dBm eliminates the need to use additional expensive and power-hungry DSP chips in the transceiver, while still meeting IEEE specifications.

“As fibre becomes increasingly important in delivering the next-generation applications and services that customers have come to expect, the industry will be looking at future-proofed solutions to keep up with the unprecedented demand,” cpmmented Mirjad Keka, market manager at HUBER+SUHNER. “With its prestigious reputation for all things fibre, ECOC is the perfect place for us to showcase our range of leading Fibre Connectivity solutions that are shaping the industry today and getting them ready for the exponential demands yet to come.”


Visitors can find HUBER+SUHNER at ECOC 2019 in Hall 1, booth #25,

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