ADVA provides flexible and scalable speeds in Russia

Created September 18, 2019
Technologies and Products

Russian cloud service provider Inoventica has selected ADVA’s FSP 3000 platform to meet “soaring data demand” from enterprise and carrier customers, it says. Inoventica, one of Russia’s leading data centre operators, will leverage the solution to boost the capacity of its backbone network to 100G and beyond. The new fully redundant infrastructure leverages ADVA’s QuadFlex line card and OpenFabric cross-connect solution, two technologies optimised for efficiency and flexibility. ADVA’s Select partner, the Russian IT solution specialist Zettaline, is playing a key role in supporting the project.

Vitaly Slizen, CEO of Inoventica, said, “ADVA’s technology enables us to take the next step with our infrastructure while also leveraging maximum value from our existing network. With this deployment, we can flexibly respond to soaring data requirements and help our customers to unleash their full potential.”

He said the ADVA FSP 3000 platform delivers several key efficiencies from low latency to optimised bandwidth utilisation. And the FSP 3000 OpenFabric technology empowers the firm to cost-effectively provide the data rates customers need by aggregating 1G and 10G services onto 100G wavelengths.

The QuadFlex technology will transport 100G data loads over distances stretching to 2,000km across the Moscow metropolitan area. By enabling greater spectral efficiency, QuadFlex delivers extended reach without any need for signal regeneration.

Andreas Jelinek, senior director of sales for Eastern Europe, Russia and CIS at ADVA, said, “We’re proud that Russia’s largest cloud service provider has chosen to harness our technology and expertise. Together with Zettaline we’ve built a solution that efficiently expands Inoventica’s infrastructure and provides the tools it needs to address today’s key challenges.”

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