BOnline deploys ADVA kit for scalable nationwide network

Created August 5, 2019
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Middle-East ISP BOnline has deployed ADVA’s FSP 3000 platform to support a high-availability, future-proof network in Kuwait. Delivering high-capacity connectivity to enterprises, government institutions and finance companies, the new metro and backbone infrastructure features 100Gbps capabilities.

ADVA’s solution supports a seamless transition from BOnline’s legacy technology, and with its modular design it also ensures “massive scalability”, said the vendor, enabling the service provider to easily expand and evolve its offerings. ADVA’s team will provide BOnline with ongoing maintenance and continuous onsite support.

Ayman Abu Jalalah, director for network operations at BOnline, said: “This deployment empowers us to tackle soaring demand for data, not only in the business space but also from our government clients and their international partners. It also positions us to face the future. With the inherent scalability of ADVA’s technology and the continuous support of its team, we know we can deliver the services our customers need right now and in years to come.”

BOnline’s new high-capacity infrastructure includes a 27-node metro network stretching across Kuwait in a robust ring topology. The solution has a backbone capable of 100Gbps and will be used to deliver Gigabit Ethernet and MPLS services for national and international customers.

The FSP 3000 provides easy interoperability with BOnline’s deployed equipment, protecting its investments and bridging the gap to next-generation technology. It supports both 10Gbps and 100Gbps.

Munther Jadallah, account manager for sales at ADVA Middle-East, said: “BOnline is facing unprecedented challenges as it looks to tackle booming demand. By leveraging our scalable technology, it’s investing in a solution that delivers the high-capacity always-on connectivity that its customers require today as well as in the future.”

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