Openreach and OFS InvisiLight takes Gigabit fibre broadband into premises

Created July 2, 2019
Technologies and Products

Openreach has selected OFS to deliver products that enable gigabit optical networking deployment into existing buildings with an almost invisible fibre. This is part of Openreach’s announced rollout of faster, more reliable and future-proof Fibre-to-the-Premises broadband to reach 4 million premises by March 2021.

A major part of this target is to deliver effectively to Multi-Dwelling Units, where the task of connecting multiple customers as quickly and as reliably as possible, whilst minimizing disruption, is a key challenge. The OFS InvisiLight Solution uses its EZ-Bend optical fibre that enables worry free bending around the many tight corners found inside buildings.

The InvisiLight solution elevates the customer experience by delivering a versatile and flexible plug-and-play solution that can be adapted to various scenarios encountered all while disappearing into the homeowners’ decoration.

InvisiLight MDU Solution offers virtually invisible and faster installation than traditional fibre routing inside residential and business buildings. This solution provides a complete in-building solution that can help accelerate the adoption of fibre optic service through faster and lower cost installation than traditional installation techniques with a virtually invisible result. These benefits, in turn, can result in higher subscriber acceptance and take rates, say the developers.

Openreach engineers deploy compact Optical Network Terminates deep into subscribers’ homes to facilitate in-home networking. Tight spaces, corners, existing architecture and other factors can make deploying fibre difficult inside many MDUs.

With the InvisiLight ILU Solution, the installer uses an innovative process to adhere a 0.9 mm diameter optical fibre into crevices along ceilings and walls or mouldings and walls. In this way, the solution offers a safe, protected optical fibre link that blends seamlessly into the ILU, is virtually invisible to the eye and installed without disruption to the homeowner or decorations.

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by Matthew Peach

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