Epsilon enables scalable connectivity to the Oracle Cloud

Created July 17, 2019
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Communications service provider Epsilon has expanded its cloud offerings by connecting to the Oracle Cloud through the Oracle Cloud FastConnect platform. Users of the Infiny by Epsilon on-demand connectivity solution can use the firm’s web-based portal and APIs to directly connect to the Oracle Cloud on-demand.

Oracle Cloud joins Amazon Web Services, Alibaba Cloud, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure on the Infiny SDN (software-defined network) platform. With the established connections to FastConnect in the US and Europe, organisations can “simply and easily” connect to manage their hybrid cloud strategies from a single platform, said Epsilon.

Using Infiny, service providers can instantly connect their enterprise customers to Oracle Cloud, bypassing the public internet by using Epsilon’s packet optical private network infrastructure. They can rely on on-demand connectivity and programmable access as they deploy and expand their cloud-based business applications.

And through collaboration with Epsilon, Oracle enterprise customers can benefit from reliable network access to their cloud data and applications from across the US and Europe, meaning “improved performance, enhanced control, flexibility and scalability” for access to critical business data and functions, said Epsilon.

Jerzy Szlosarek, CEO at Epsilon, said, “The cloud market in the US and Europe is growing and on-demand connectivity is supporting its adoption globally. As an Oracle Cloud partner, we are proud to accelerate secure and reliable internet bypass connectivity solutions for service providers as well as enterprises.”

Vinay Kumar, vice president of product management at Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, said, “Customers require seamless connectivity from their data centres and networks to Oracle Cloud for their most demanding workloads and applications. With FastConnect, customers can provision the dedicated and private connections they need today and easily scale with their growing business demands.”

FastConnect offers a simple port-based pricing model, which means customers only pay for 1Gb or 10Gb ports, with no additional egress or ingress bandwidth charges. Epsilon connects to 220 data centres in 26 markets. It is headquartered in Singapore with offices in London, New York, Dubai and Sofia, Bulgaria.

The company is involved in the recently launched shortest fibre link between the US and Europe. Continental Edge is the easternmost direct interconnection point between Europe and the US, supported by a partnership involving 1025Connect (for colocation), Aqua Comms (transatlantic subsea connectivity), DE-CIX (the internet peering exchange) and Epsilon for SDN connectivity.

1025Connect’s Long Island data centre in Westbury is host to the easternmost peering point in the New York metro area, enabling easier access and delivery of content distributed to and from the European market.

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