Com-In selects DZS-Keymile solutions for optical FTTB network in Ingolstadt

Created July 22, 2019
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Ingolstadt, Germany-based communications company Com-In has chosen DZS-Keymile’s innovative MileGate access platform to grow its extensive optical fibre infrastructure for residential and corporate customers. The plan is for this expansion is to be completed by 2021. Keymile says that Ingolstadt, a city midway between Munich and Nuremberg, will then be “one of the few German sites with a purely FTTH network.”

In 2009, Com-In’s shareholders decided to create an optical fibre network with comprehensive coverage for Ingolstadt within the next 10 to 12 years. Today, more than two thirds of the buildings in Ingolstadt are connected and the aim is to achieve full coverage in the next three years.

To expand the optical fibre network, the company uses Keymile’s MileGate IP-Multi-Service Access Node and has chosen active optical fibre technology so that all subscribers are connected via their own optical fibre. Com-In says that with this “flexible, powerful and scalable point-to-point network structure, it is well prepared to meet the communications challenges of the future.”

The telecommunications provider divided the area it serves into 38 clusters with comparable populations and these have been gradually connected with optical fibre to the home over the past few years.

Around 11,000 customers are currently connected to the router via optical fibre cable and therefore receive ultra-fast internet access at a maximum of 500 Mbps download and 50 Mbps upload speed as well as a telephone and TV connections. Com-In transmits the TV signal via its own optical fibre and operates redundantly designed TV headends.

Com-In uses the MileGate 2510 access platform in the point-of-presences. With 21 slots, up to 480 subscribers can be connected per optical fibre. The smaller MileGate 2310 and MileGate 2200 subracks are applied in areas where space is lacking, for example in feeder distribution interfaces and plant rooms. They offer the same multi-service flexibility and significant port density.

“DZS-KEYMILE’s portfolio of solutions, which allow us to meet our requirements adequately at very competitive prices, swung the decision in the company’s favour. DZS-KEYMILE systems have been extremely stable and reliable for many years and require hardly any maintenance or repair,” says Stefan Ferstl, IT director at COM-IN in Ingolstadt. “We feel we’re being well looked after by a supplier who offers service and support in German and who can react quickly and flexibly if needed.”

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