‘Pure Optical Switches’ from Huber + Suhner Polatis suit diverse networks

Created June 28, 2019
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Huber + Suhner Polatis, a manufacturer of optical matrix switches, has released several new ranges of network components specified for diverse switching applications. These so-named “Pure Optical Switches” are available from distributor Laser Components.

Fibre optic matrix switches are key components for data transmission in fibre optic networks and test environments. Their fields of application range from data centres to telecommunications, network monitoring, and government applications.

The 3000 series is specified for multi-mode applications with up to 16 x 16 channels; the 6000 series is available for 8 x 8 channels to 192 x 192 channels; and the protection service switches of the 6000n PSS series are designed for for 16 x 16 channels.

The 3000 series multi-mode matrix switch is based on DirectLight beam-steering technology. It features a compact, fully non-blocking design. These switches can form an integral part of a dynamic and resilient network and map the connection management of the agile network. Neither signal regeneration nor signal monitoring is required, nor is signal modulation entered into the system. These switches can form the heart of a secure network node.

The 3000 series also features low insertion loss, high repetition accuracy, and low crosstalk; this makes it ideal for testing fibre channel and Gbit Ethernet interfaces as part of a future automated test strategy. The switches are available in both symmetrical (NxN) and asymmetrical (MxN) versions.

The 6000 series are also completely non-blocking and available in all variations from 4×4 to 192×192 channels. This series meets the highest demands and applications with low insertion loss, a compact size, low power consumption, and fast switching times. With the support of software-defined networking (SDN) with an integrated OpenFlow and NETCONF interface, this product series enables extremely short latency times for time-critical network traffic. This is necessary for the new virtual cloud services in hybrid optical-packet data centres.

The 7000 series for 384 x 384 channels is what Laser Components describes as “the cream of the crop”. These matrix switches support all modern network management protocols. Furthermore, because they are equipped with NETCONF and RETCONF control interfaces on a standard basis, they can also be used in software-defined networks.

The switches will be demonstrated at the following forthcoming photonics exhibitions, later this year: ECOC, September 22 – 26, 2019, Dublin, Ireland, Booth 337; and Photonex Europe, October 09 – 10, 2019, Ricoh Arena, Coventry, UK, Booth D15.

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