Luxembourg achieves rapid provisioning with ADVA

Created June 20, 2019
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POST Luxembourg has begun deploying the FSP 150-Z4806 100Gbps service aggregation platform from ADVA for “rapid provisioning”. Featuring the Ensemble Activator network operating system, the mail and telecoms firm says it is using the platform to “seamlessly scale its edge data centres to 100Gbps”.

Ensemble Activator is billed as the industry’s first carrier-grade network operating system for bare-metal switches. As part of the ADVA FSP 150-Z4806 platform, it enables POST Luxembourg to rapidly expand the capacity of cloud networks while provisioning flexible SLA-based CE 2.0 and Layer 3 connectivity. The multi-technology solution also promises to save space, deliver industry-best energy efficiency and simplify data centre operations.

Carlo Richartz, head of network engineering at POST Luxembourg, said, “Leveraging the ADVA FSP 150-Z4806 with Ensemble Activator is a direct response to our customers’ success. As their businesses expand, so does the traffic and complexity in their data centres.

“By deploying ADVA’s solution, we can quickly and efficiently deliver the capacity and agility that Luxembourg’s enterprises urgently need to seize new opportunities. As well as the benefits of quick service roll-out, this technology provides a rich set of tools to help us meet the resilience and data redundancy requirements of mission-critical enterprise clouds.”

With its OAM capabilities, he said, the platform enables operations teams to easily monitor and ensure the quality of services, “ensuring maximum availability for our customers as they harness the power of digital transformation”.

The solution also radically improves POST Luxembourg’s speed to market as it migrates 10Gbps edge data centre infrastructures to 100Gbps. The ADVA FSP 150-Z4806 easily interfaces with any transport network, supporting LAN, point-to-point and tree topologies.

Kevin Grahnert, manager of sales at ADVA Luxembourg, said, “A key element of this project is speed. Our unique solution empowers POST Luxembourg to quickly boost capacity and provide Carrier Ethernet over MPLS. The other key element is agility. By harnessing a disaggregated model, POST Luxembourg is replacing vendor lock-in with freedom of choice, and, Ensemble Activator supports instant upgrades so that new network capabilities and service features can be activated instantaneously at the click of a button.”

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