Jersey Telecom selects ECI to deliver future-ready networking to Channel Islands

Created June 10, 2019
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ECI, a provider of “ELASTIC Network® solutions for service providers and data centre operators, has been chosen by JT (Jersey Telecom Group), to upgrade the Channel Island-based telecommunications company’s optical network.

When choosing a provider to upgrade the optical network, JT’s requirements were twofold: First, address capacity goals in the short-term, then ensure the network ability to meet future business services and 5G backhaul needs.

JT said it required a solution with the ability to not only solve capacity issues, but also provide 10G Business to Business services, 10GbE data centre connectivity and 8G fibre channel.

The solution needed to be based on a scalable and agile framework in order to ensure that JT customers could expect the same quality of connectivity they receive today well into the future, even as demands fluctuate and networking evolves.

Marcus Irwin, Head of Solution Design & Innovation at JT, explained, “Our customers in the Channel Islands already have access to a world class full-fibre network, one of the fastest in the world. But we needed to ensure that the enhancement process was carefully planned, and our particular geographical challenges and strategic goals understood so as to maintain a level of service that our customers already enjoy. With ECI’s technical expertise and flexibility we are now better equipped to scale to future networking demands and deliver the quality services our customers expect.”

The ECI solution features a range of products from its Apollo optical portfolio, including the Apollo 9904, 9603 and 9608, which will carry 100G traffic between JT’s six core sites on and between the Islands. The Apollo product line was designed for ultimate flexibility and scalability, with interchangeable cards, multi-port cards, which offer additional capabilities and multi-service ports which can be provisioned for a wide variety of protocols and speeds.

“With 5G afoot, many today are confronted with the task of balancing immediate network upgrade needs with the demands expected of tomorrow’s networks,” said Christian Erbe, VP Sales Europe at ECI.

“Working alongside JT, we understood the importance of ensuring seamless connection to the Channel Island communities and doing so with a tailored, flexible and future-proof solution. Above all, we are proud to see our ‘as you like it’ approach to optical networking play an important role in helping them meet their networking goals both today and long into the future.”

Founded in 1888, JT is a government-owned full-service global consumer and business enterprise provider headquartered in the Channel Islands. It provides a range of world-class services, including voice and data telecommunications, IoT connectivity, open roaming, messaging, fraud protection, eGaming, data hosting, fully managed services and cloud-based support.

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