ANGACOM 2019: SENKO increases mass fibre inspection efficiency with new device

Created June 11, 2019
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Fibre optic connectivity specialist SENKO Advanced Components, launched its latest fibre optic inspection device at ANGACOM 2019.  Providing speedy and efficient analysis of fibre during endface inspection, the new Smart Probe 2 allows data centres and telecoms providers to save maintenance time and help prevent network failures.

The majority of network failures are caused by connectivity issues that can be prevented. It is now becoming a common practice for telcos and data centres to inspect, document and clean each fibre optic end face in a new installation to reduce connectivity disturbances.

Aiming to increase speed and efficiency of these inspections, SENKO developed the new Smart Probe 2, a fibre optic inspection device featuring wi-fi that connects to both Android and Apple devices. Designed with the hard-pressed installer in mind, the Smart Probe 2 easily records and archives results to aid the analysis and traceability of fibre connectivity issues. The wireless device comes with the unique VUE3 app featuring pass/fail analytical software and a flexible data archiving tool that enables the operator to upload results of fibre inspections in as much detail as required.

“Network operators, as well as data centres, spend a lot of time re-inspecting fibre connectivity after installation” said Dave Aspray, European Sales Manager at SENKO. “Our customer feedback tells us that documenting evidence of fibre after inspection is essential for traceability. We developed the Smart Probe 2 to automatically upload fibre inspection results for increased visibility during inspection and for reliable documentation. Whilst producing detailed and thorough results, the Smart probe 2 also reduces the time and costs required to inspect fibre. The Smart Probe 2 is therefore the most cost and time-effective tool for carrying out high volume inspections easily and efficiently.”

The Smart Probe 2 also includes a built-in capture button, a 5-hour battery life and an LED light to illuminate the adapter being inspected providing high-visibility in both high-density data centres and poorly lit telecom cabinets. The Smart Probe 2 is an upgrade to the first SENKO Smart Probe which received the Lightwave Honorable Mention for technical merit in 2014.

SENKO offers a wide range of inspection tips for the Smart Probe 2. For inspection of 2.5mm connector ferrules (i.e. SC) and 1.25mm ferrules (i.e. LC), the tips are included with the probe. Separately tips are available for in –adapter inspection of SC, LC, E2000 and most other connector types. Tips are available in UPC and APC versions and there are long range tips for high density applications. With the correct tip the device can be used for MPO inspection, although analysis is not currently available. For the FTTA market an ODC tip is under development and expected to launch by the autumn.

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