Wave2Wave partners with NTT-AT, Hakuto, for Japan distribution

Created May 13, 2019
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Wave2Wave Solution, has announced a collaborative agreement that grants exclusive distribution rights  for Wave2Wave Solution’s ROME portfolio to NTT Advanced Technology (NTT-AT), a global technology and solutions provider, and technology distributor Hakuto Co. Ltd. This partnership brings Wave2Wave’s ROME solutions to Japan, alongside each company’s unique industry-leading solutions and capabilities, to help telecom and data centre operators better tackle one of the networking industry’s fundamental challenges—automating the physical layer of networks to achieve effective software-defined networking capabilities.

NTT-AT, a part of NTT Corporation with more than 150 years of history in the telecommunications industry, brings proven capabilities in not only technology development but also implementation of network automation and services. Hakuto is a well-established technology distributor across several industry sectors and a public company with a strong financial balance sheet.

“ROME delivers the right solution to solve a fundamental networking problem that’s been plaguing the marketplace and enterprise businesses for more than 20 years. The industry can significantly improve its efficiency and service capabilities by automating the physical cross connect,” said George Kimura, President and CEO of NTT-AT. “Wave2Wave’s technology enables the industry with a major step forward and we are excited to be an essential part of this revolutionary effort.”

“Wave2Wave’s innovation and unique set of solutions are changing the industry, helping companies around the world take advantage of the efficiencies of a fully automated network, and layering value around other technology solutions such as security and cloud. We are excited to be part of this exclusive partnership and look forward to delivering distinctive value to our customers,” said Ryusaburo Sugimoto, president of Hakuto Ltd.

“We are excited to join hands with NTT-AT and Hakuto as ROME quickly expands its footprint in the Japanese market. This partnership enables Wave2Wave with local sales and support services while we are accelerating the delivery of solutions to the end customers and channel partners,” said David Wang, Wave2Wave Founder & CEO. “This partnership sets the foundation to further expand both Wave2Wave’s success and the success of our customers as they are evolving toward a fully automated network.”

The ROME portfolio of solutions will be available through both companies immediately.

For more information, visit www.wave-2-wave.com


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by Peter Dykes

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