Fastweb and Open Fiber sign fibre network sharing deal

Created May 20, 2019
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Fastweb and Open Fiber (OF) have signed an agreement under which Fastweb will be able to use FTTH connections across Italy built by OF in areas not covered by its proprietary infrastructure. The deal includes FTTH access in 80 Italian cities. OF in turn may purchase wholesale use of the Fastweb fibre infrastructure needed for its network.

Alberto Calcagno, CEO of Fastweb, said: “Fastweb continues to pursue the goal of providing its customers with the best connectivity at home and outside the home. This agreement represents a key plank in our strategy. Besides expanding our proprietary fibre access infrastructure through new 5G FWA technology, we are able to use Open Fiber’s connectivity in those areas where we do not plan to build our own infrastructure.”

Elisabetta Ripa, CEO of Open Fiber, said: “This strategic agreement with Fastweb further expands Open Fiber’s portfolio of commercial partnerships, demonstrating the validity of the wholesale-only model to provide access to all operators on equal terms.

“The all-fibre infrastructure that we are building is the only one available in more than 80 urban centres around the country and will shortly be available more widely in smaller towns, offering them high quality and future-proof broadband connections.”

Fastweb and Infinera recently successfully demonstrated 500G single-wavelength service connectivity in a production network. The demo, the first in Italy, used Infinera’s configurable technology on the Groove platform, and spanned over 180km on Fastweb’s low-latency, long-haul backbone network, between Milan and Turin.

According to the participants, the 500G trial demonstrated Fastweb’s capability to easily and efficiently scale its infrastructure network to meet the increasing bandwidth demands of its end-user customers. The trial was implemented over Fastweb’s existing optical infrastructure without special amplifiers, tuning or changes.

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