Arista ups its 400G game with new product families

Created May 31, 2019
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Arista Networks has unveiled the Arista 7800R family for demanding 400G cloud networks and the next generation of the Arista 7500R and 7280R Series. The new platforms offer new telemetry and intelligence embedded into the network for service provider, edge, 5G and IoT solutions, and enhancements in routing and security are delivered through the Arista EOS operating system.

The new 7800R3 Series provides 36 400G ports per line card, a 4x increase compared to prior modular systems, to address the largest cloud data centre routing requirements. Enhancements to the 7500R3 Series deliver density and performance improvements, and the 7280R3 Series offers up to 48 400G ports that can be split into up to 192 100G ports. All R3-Series offerings feature VoQ deep buffer architecture, with support for 400G, increased route scale and new telemetry functions.

“The expansion of the R-Series to 400G and the new 7800R3 offering provide customers with increases in performance to handle exponential traffic growth, network segmentation, telemetry and cybersecurity challenges,” said Anshul Sadana, chief operating officer of Arista Networks.

“As a leading provider of interconnection services in the Nordics, and the number one choice for access to the Russian and Baltic markets, Netnod provides the most flexible interconnection services available,” said Mattias Karlsson, head of engineering at Netnod. “The Arista R3-Series expands our capacity for high-performance peering and colocation services and provides power efficient systems offering 400G and a rich feature set.”

The 7800R3 Series is initially available in 4- and 8-slot modular chassis systems, with up to 576 ports of 400G or 460Tbps of capacity for the largest scale environments, with a choice of both 100G and 400G modules with optional MACsec for secure interconnects across data centres. The 7500R3, the latest generation of the 7500 Series, offers 400G and 100G line card options, with innovations including Inband Network Telemetry (INT) and IPFIX and Network Address Translation (NAT), along with increased capacity and scale while improving power efficiency.

The 7280R3 is the third generation of fixed systems using the R-Series architecture with 3x higher performance, said Arista, and 2x the scale and power efficiency, supporting 400G for environments where space and power are at a premium. All new platforms are available with 400G-OSFP or 400G-QSFP-DD configurations. The new R3 Series products are shipping in Q3 2019.

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