iXblue releases new speciality fibres

Created May 15, 2019
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Leading supplier to high power 1.5 µm laser and amplifier manufacturers, iXblue Photonics has unveiled a new range of speciality fibre solutions.

The company’s new double clad Erbium Ytterbium co-doped 10 µm fibre is described as an ideal gain medium for telecom/CATV amplifiers, delivering hundreds of milli-Watts to a few Watts, with high efficiency and low noise. The standard fibre size is intended for easy integration with off-the-shelf available passive components, in the process reducing time to market.

Driven by customer demand, iXblue Photonics has also released a new polarising fibre (PZ) for 1053 nm and 1064 nm operation. This is designed to be polarising over a short length with no coiling needed. This fibre is suitable for the manufacture of patch-cords when a single polarisation signal needs to be transmitted without PER degradation. This is important for polarisation-sensitive applications such as atom cooling, quantum optics or high-energy physics. The full polarising effect, yielding more than 30 dB PER, occurs with less than two metres of fibre and the standard 125 µm cladding size makes for easy integration in any standard PM fibre. This fibre is available from stock, and customised patch cords with connectors are also available on-demand.

Finally, iXblue has released a radiation sensitive fibre for distributed radiation monitoring. Radiation sensing is of prime importance in many challenging areas such as high energy physics laboratories, medical labs and even in space for both equipment and personnel protection. Radiation measurement through point by point detectors can be cumbersome and become extremely costly for large facilities. Radiation mapping through distributed measurement technology literally replaces potentially tens or hundreds of point detectors by a single optical fibre cable running through the facility.

The IXF-RAD-SENSE-SM-1550 fibre is now available from stock, it has been designed for 1550 nm operation and will readily integrate with instrumentation thanks to its standard 125 µm cladding and acrylate coating. The radiation sensitivity coefficient has been calibrated to 3 dB/m/Gray using cobalt 60 sources. Custom design of this product is possible, based on customer specific application and technical requirement.

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by John Williamson

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