TelemaxX introduces new Ethernet services with Ciena and Kapsch

Created April 11, 2019
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TelemaxX Telekommunikation, a data centre provider in Germany, has deployed solutions from Ciena’s Packet Networking portfolio to transform its network and ensure a smooth rollout of Ethernet Business Services.

Across the region around the city of Karlsruhe, TelemaxX manages five data centres designed to assist German customers in managing their IT infrastructure efficiently and safely without losing control of data, systems, or processes.

TelemaxX’s legacy TDM platform was running out of capacity, which presented operational challenges to its customers. In partnership with Kapsch, Ciena is enabling TelemaxX to upgrade its network and better address customer demands for high-bandwidth services, by creating more capacity across the network while supporting greater operational efficiency and lower CAPEX.

In addition, Ciena’s solutions ensure a seamless transition from the previous platform to a more open and programmable architecture, complemented by a specialised team to help TelemaxX manage the transition.

To support the introduction of EBS and improve end-user experience and data centre interconnect with the network upgrade, TelemaxX is utilising several solutions from Ciena’s Packet Networking portfolio, including the 8700 Packetwave Platform, 5142 Service Aggregation Platform, 3942 Service Delivery Switch, 3916 Service Delivery Switch, and 3904 Service Delivery Switch.

Additionally, Ciena’s Blue Planet Manage, Control and Plan (MCP) software gives TelemaxX multi-layer provisioning capabilities for end-to-end network and service management, software-based control and automation, and online planning.

Dieter Kettermann, managing director at TelemaxX, commented, “As a preferred regional data centre provider in Germany for the last 20 years, we understand the importance of staying ahead of demand in order to remain competitive. Ciena’s broad range of packet networking solutions provides our customers with unprecedented scalability and service agility, as well as a seamless platform from core to access. By selecting Ciena, we are staying ahead of the curve and delivering the data centre of the future to meet the quickly evolving needs of our customers today.”

Eugen Gebhard, Regional Managing Director at Ciena, added, “Our relationships with TelemaxX and Kapsch BusinessCom show the strength of our global reach, helping companies with not only their immediate technology needs, but also ensuring that current investments can support long-term business goals.”

Ralf Arweiler, managing director at Kapsch BusinessCom Germany, said, “By replacing the network and migrating TelemaxX to Ciena’s future-oriented network solutions, we took the next step in our long-standing relationship with TelemaxX. Kapsch is providing operational support to facilitate the ongoing procedure. We are looking forward to many more projects and opportunities in this relationship.”

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