Sterlite launches Mantra TM, an integrated, ready-to-fit FTTx solution

Created March 29, 2019
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Sterlite Tech, a global data network solutions company, has launched its Fibre To The x (FTTx) solution – known as FTTx Mantra TM. It made its debut at the recent FTTH Conference 2019. Built as an end-to-end solution, FTTx Mantra TM is designed to empower communication service providers to swiftly roll-out FTTx networks at massive scale, near-zero response time and great agility at optimised costs.

Sterlite commented that more than  55 per cent of the 7.6 billion people in the world are using the Internet today: “As they use more and more devices, content and apps, global annual IP traffic is growing exponentially, and is expected to reach 7 Zettabyte by 2020.

“Given this, user experience is now more important than ever. As users demand ultra-high bandwidth and extremely low latency, it is critical that fibre reaches every end point.”

Mantra TM – which stands for Massive Agile Network Transformation – is a software-defined FTTx network solution for service providers to give an enhanced experience to their users, at faster time to market and optimised capital and operational cost.

Sterlite says the system is “optimised for agility, scale and latency; the solution combines the best of our technology capabilities in programmable network design, optical communication products with bend insensitive fibre technology, high-fibre count micro module cables, and pre-connectorised FTTx kits. Mantra TM also enables hyper-scale network roll out using Sterlite Tech’s Lead360 approach.”

Ankit Agarwal, CEO, Products at Sterlite Tech, commented, “FTTx Mantra TM integrates our silicon-to-software capabilities across programmable networks, optical communication products, network design services and rollouts, and software solutions.

“We launched this solution late last year for a select set of customers, and with continued positive feedback, we have now customised it for our global customers.”


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by Matthew Peach

Matthew Peach is a freelance technology journalist specialising in photonics and communications. He has previously worked for several business-to-business publishers, editing a range of high-tech magazines and websites.