Optical Connections Magazine Spring Edition

Created March 5, 2019
News and Business

Welcome to the spring edition of Optical Connections, now available to read online.

With the massive growth in capacity, driven by the rise of international datacentres, streaming video and ultimately 5G and IoT, long-haul networks are becoming more important than ever. In this first issue of 2019, issue, we look at how long-haul technologies are evolving to meet these growing needs and how technologies developed for terrestrial networks are finding their way into sub-sea domain. Long-haul is not the whole story however, we also look at why there is something of a technology gap opening up in mid-range optics. Distance isn’t everything however, and with the first 400G deployments in situ, we ask what comes next in the speed jigsaw. WDM has become a mainstay for high-capacity optical networking, and we cover the latest developments CWDM and DWDM.

In the physical layer, massive demand for new fibre connections has created bottlenecks right across the network. We examine how product developments are bringing greater access and reliability to physical connectivity. The problem of getting fibre into multiple dwelling units (MDUs) is also addressed in this issue and it is becoming clear that a ubiquitous solution is required. Looking at networks as a whole, we discuss the widening number of use cases for SDN is paving the way for the rise of open standards, open source software and open source-design products.

With a winning formula of thought leadership, industry news and hot products, we’re sure you will find plenty to interest you.

Peter Dykes
Optical Connections