OFC: CST Global announces sample availability of its TO Can format, 1270nm lasers for next-generation, FTTH markets.

Created March 4, 2019
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CST Global has announced that samples of its 1270nm, 10Gbps and 2.5Gbps DFB lasers are now available in standard, TO-56 Can packaging. The lasers are for the worldwide, high-speed, Fibre-To-The Home (FTTH) market; valued at US$7.3 billion in 2019, with a CAGR exceeding 7%*. The announcement comes ahead of CST Global’s attendance at the OFC in San Diego this week.

Euan Livingston, VP Sales and Marketing at CST Global, who is attending OFC, explains, “The 1270nm / 10Gbps synchronous lasers, with both a 10Gbps downstream and upstream, are for the fast-growing, XGS-PON part of the FTTH market. Currently, XGS-PON makes up less than 10%* of the total FTTH market, with estimates showing it may exceed 40%* of the total FTTH market by 2023.

“The 1270nm / 10Gbps lasers also support 10G-EPON, FTTH applications and the 1270nm / 2.5Gbps lasers support 10G-GPON applications. Together, these make up around 10% of the worldwide FTTH market.”

“Our next generation 1270nm laser chips in TO Cans address worldwide FTTH demand. The TO Can format allows vendors to test standard products for the next design cycle and meet production demand during 2020”, said Anders Storm, CEO of Sivers IMA.

CST Global is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sivers IMA Holdings AB (Nasdaq First North: SIVE), and is the UK’s leading, independent, III-V opto-electronic, semiconductor foundry.

* S&P Global Market Intelligence; Technology, Media & Telecoms report 2017.

For more information, visit www.cstglobal.uk


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