Sumix simplifies and speeds up multifibre connector inspection

Created February 25, 2019
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US-based Sumix Corporation, a privately-owned manufacturer of high-resolution 3D Interferometers and 2D fibre optic connector end face inspection probes has announced a revolutionary technology for inspecting multi-fibre MPO connectors. The company’s Manta-W+ fibre inspection microscope is the industry’s only solution offering automated inspection of Multi-Fibre Push-On connectors with analysis, and pass/fail testing by capturing all fibre terminations simultaneously.

Multi-Fibre Push-On connectors, MPO and MTP (a trademark of US Conec) are increasingly used in telecom central office, data center, FTTH, and test and measurement laboratory applications. Each connector supports multiple fibres on a mating surface that is only 2.5mm x 6.4mm. Dirty or damaged connectors result in errors and expensive network downtime. Inspecting the end face and verifying each individual fibre has proven to be a challenge for operators.

The Manta-W+ performs an inspection of the entire end face simultaneously, providing a report on each fibre, up to 72, and with its wider view, can also inspect the guide holes, which can harbor dirt and debris that can easily be overlooked with other devices.

“We listen to our customers and build exactly the reliable, top quality tools they need to get the job done effectively, and we design them to be very easy to use,” said Farhad Towfiq, Sumix President. “The Manta-W+ represents a significant leap in technology, providing accurate results faster than any competitor, the industry’s only probe/microscope that can successfully evaluate an MPO connector with up to 72 fibres simultaneously.”

The Manta-W+, which can be used as a probe and a benchtop microscope, applicable for field use, as well as lab and manufacturing, represents the next evolution of Sumix’ proven, industry standard platform of fibre scopes including SMX-Manta, SMX-Manta+, and Scopio series. Manta-W+ supports not just multi-fibre connections but also all standard types including popular LC, SC, SMA, E2000, AVIM, Mini-AVIM, and many more with an extensive selection of interchangeable tips available.

The Manta-W+ and the complete Sumix line will be exhibited at OFC, March 5-7, 2019 in San Diego.

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