New full fibre network launched by Gigaclear veteran

Created February 27, 2019
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A new full fibre service has been launched in the UK by Gigaclear Networks veteran Matthew Hare. The Zzoomm network is targeting both towns and suburbs with its connectivity offerings as the overall full fibre market takes off.

Hare set up and developed rural fibre network Gigaclear in 2010. Zzoomm is currently focusing on areas which are presently only served by copper infrastructure, offering broadband services to both homes and buisnesses. Zzoomm says 4.5m homes in the UK are “still blighted by ageing copper infrastructure”.

Hare, who is Zzoomm chief executive, said: “The full fibre revolution is here, but many are currently left behind. Numerous small towns and suburbs still do not have any plans for full fibre from the network into the properties, and are stuck with the pedestrian internet access speeds that are provided by copper wires.”

Hare added: “We are attracting a management team with proven expertise in fibre infrastructure. We will develop the network across the country through regional operations, who will work with local communities to build the full fibre network they need for a brighter, fuller future.”

Zzoomm is headquartered in Oxford. Gigaclear Networks was acquired by Infracapital in 2018 for £270 million. Gigaclear recently deployed a 100G transport network across multiple countryside locations powered by optical and intelligent software solutions from Ciena. Its network is being deployed across 22 English counties and currently covers over 65,000 homes and businesses, delivering fibre-to-the-premise (FTTP) symmetrical, gigabit (1Gbps) connectivity to under-served communities.

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by Antony Savvas

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