FTTH APAC Conference comes to China’s Optics Valley

Created February 25, 2019
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The FTTH Council Asia-Pacific is holding the FTTH APAC Conference in Wuhan, China between15th – 17th April, 2019. This year’s conference theme is “5G Smart Cities Enabled by Fibre”. The organisers say it presents “an ideal opportunity to explore how the Asia Pacific telecom industry is continuing its deployment of FTTx and deep fibre to the network edge as a converged platform, from which Smart Cities and 5G networks can be built.”

The conference typically attracts over 500 senior executives from the region’s telecom regulators, policy makers, network operators, municipal leaders and solutions providers; and offers an unrivalled opportunity to network and secure new business with hard-to-reach decision-makers.

Wuhan represents many of the world’s leading optical communications companies and, says the FTTH Council APAC, the city has “become synonymous with the latest advances in telecom technologies.”

The conference will open with keynote presentations from China’s principal policy makers as well as leading telecom network operators. Now in its 14th year, following previous success in the Philippines in 2018, FTTH APAC Conference 2019 will see the continued collaboration between the FTTH Council Asia-Pacific and CRU Events.

Venkatesan Babu, President, FTTH Council Asia-Pacific commented, “The 2019 agenda will address the challenges and opportunities being faced by telecom regulators and network operators across the APAC region. Sessions will bring the region’s network operators and thought leaders together to share their strategic insights into the 5G roll out; explore the FTTx and other deep fibre deployment success stories; and highlight key investment opportunities in the region for FTTH deployment. Municipal leaders, policymakers and technology companies will also discuss the key factors influencing Smart City enablement.”

Nicola Coslett, CEO of CRU Events added, “China’s network operators have achieved a remarkably high penetration with fibre-based services.  In a country of 397 million households, 365 million premises are connected to Fibre To The Home or equivalent networks, with the bulk having been connected in the last five years. The Asia-Pacific region, with China at the forefront, are driving world demand, making this event essential for understanding the impact on both international and local markets.”

The 14th FTTH APAC Conference will take place on 15th – 17th April, 2019 at the Hilton Wuhan Optics Valley Hotel in Wuhan, China.

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