Emtelle unveils all-in-one internal and external FTTH solution

Created February 25, 2019
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Emtelle, the provider of blown fibre and ducted network solutions, has launched its HomeConnect cable, a pre-connectorised cabling system that can be installed for internal and external use. The offering is designed to deliver significant time and cost savings to fibre operators, said the firm. The small and flexible cable features a 3mm Low Fire Hazard (LFH) sheath for internal use which is covered by a slideable and adjustable 5mm PE sheath for external use. “Emtelle HomeConnect is the only solution on the market to feature this slideable and adjustable sheath,” the company said. The product comes pre-terminated with an LC or SC connector at the house end, and reduces the skills and tools required by operators deploying fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) connections, cutting the time and cost of installations.


“As bandwidth-hungry applications become common place in homes and businesses, consumers’ appetites for full fibre are growing, putting increasing pressure on operators when fibre deployments can be expensive and time-consuming,” said Jamie McGee, product specialist at Emtelle. “This is exactly why we have developed Emtelle HomeConnect, to take away the complexity of fibre installations and ensure operators can get fibre as close as possible to the point of consumption easily and cost-effectively.”


Emtelle HomeConnect is available in lengths of 5m, 20m, 30m and 50m and in a variety of external colours. It is deployed at the internal customer connection point (CCP) where the connectorised end (LC or SC connector) is simply plugged into, from which the polyethylene outer sheath is adjusted to expose enough LFH tube to route internally to the customer lead-in point.


The product is then pushed through the lead-in point to the outside of the building where the sheath changes over from LFH to polyethylene. The external customer lead in kit at the building completes the Emtelle HomeConnect solution with capping, cable guard, a wall plate or the customer connection enclosure (CCE) all protecting the cable through its transition from internal to external use.


Emtelle will exhibit Emtelle HomeConnect at FTTH Conference 2019 in Amsterdam from 13-14 March.  

For more information, visit www.emtelle.com


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