NTT Com expands its customer fibre ecosystem

Created January 23, 2019
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NTT Communications (NTT Com) is expanding the fibre interconnectivity of its Nexcenter data centres in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan to enable client companies to connect with cloud and content services more flexibly.

On a sequential basis from this month, NTT Com has begun directly connecting its infrastructure ecosystem with three major internet exchanges (IXs) in Japan, to enable clients to access services offered by these IXs and various NTT Com partner companies. NTT Com will continue to expand this ecosystem centred on its Nexcenter data centres.

BBIX’s IX Connect Service and Japan Internet Exchange’s JPIX service, as well as the currently available Internet Multifeed JPNAP service, will be interconnected with major data centres that NTT Com operates in Tokyo and Osaka.

The IXs will offer an expanding range of services that NTT Com clients will access by connecting to specific data centres via the Nexcenter Connect service, which is offered for a “flat, low-cost fee”, said the firm.

The data centres involved will include the Tokyo No. 1 to No. 10 data centres, the Yokohama No. 1 and Saitama No. 1 facilities in the Tokyo area, and the Osaka 1 to 3 data centres, Osaka 5, and the Osaka 6 and 7 facilities currently being built.

Going forward, NTT Com says it will develop various measures to provide a data distribution platform service around the likes of artificial intelligence, data management and service support offerings, in addition to global IoT technology using eSIMs and network services that flexibly link multiple clouds. The interconnectivity will also be extended with other IXs and service providers, it added.

Earlier this month, NTT Com expanded its optical tier-1 Global IP Network with a new point-of-presence (PoP) in Toronto, Canada. NTT also recently expanded its network with a new PoP in Dublin, Ireland, at Equinix’s DB1 data centre. NTT’s optical network covers North and South America, Asia, Europe and Oceania.

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