LISA Double Access Fibre Management System debuts

Created January 21, 2019
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HUBER+SUHNER is launching the LISA Double Access Fibre Management System. The new system is designed to boost the reliability of datacentre operations where downtime is not acceptable for critical business applications. The supplier says deploying a comprehensive yet simplistic structured fibre management system will remedy the inherent fragility of datacentre fibre cabling.

Based on the existing LISA system, the new LISA Double Access configuration is a high-density and modular cross-connect fibre management system which offers a clear physical demarcation point, providing a separation of incoming and outgoing connectivity.

The system’s use of the new 1,500 mm rack reduces customers’ floor space requirements by 17%, compared to a conventional LISA setup with equivalent port density. LISA Double Access enables high-density applications for up to 2 x 100 LISA cassettes, which corresponds to a maximum density of 3,600 ports per rack.

Other features and capabilities of the new system include:

  • Coloured cassettes and clear port numbering designed to improve the traceability of circuits and speed up provisioning time
  • Availability of state-of-the-art connectivity such as MTP® technology and the world’s first patented push-pull LC connector
  • Sliding cassette and cable routing simplify the installation and servicing time; patching between both sides can be easily accomplished with the same patch cord length.
  • The LISA rack can be placed anywhere in the datacentre due to its size and front accessible design.

“In a datacentre, the protection of the fibre is key, which is exactly what the LISA Double Access offers customers,” said Eduardo Lopes, head of product management fibre management systems at HUBER+SUHNER. “This is a unique and exciting product that organises cabling in a clear and intuitive way. Operators appreciate the simple and effective cable handling that the solution offers, where each port within the rack can be reached with a patch cord of 3.5 metres. This further simplifies operations and logistics.”

“HUBER+SUHNER is always looking to improve products and bring new additions to the market place in order to serve our customers better,” added Lopes. “LISA Double Access is an innovative design that offers high added value to datacentre operators due to its reliability, simplicity and cost efficiency.”

The LISA Double Access Fibre Management System is being officially launched at the Cisco Live EMEA 2019 event being held in Barcelona, Spain, January 28th to February 1st, 2019, Stand S02.

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