Ekinops debuts 600G FlexRate solution

Created January 30, 2019
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Lannion, France-based Ekinops, a supplier of optical transport equipment and router solutions for service providers and telecom operators, has released its new PM 400FRS04-SF flexible rate line module.  This new module triples the capacity of Ekinops’ 200G FlexRate solutions and delivers new levels of flexibility to address market demand for advanced transport capabilities.

Supporting high-speed coherent line interfaces from 100Gbps to 600Gbps, the PM 400FRS04-SF provides six QSFP28 client ports aggregated to a software selectable line port that automatically configures the modulation format and baud rate to create the optimal transport link.  By selecting the bit rate and distance, the PM 400FRS04-SF automatically tunes its performance based on the settings so it can support any application from very short reach, very high capacity data centre interconnect to long haul and even submarine transport.  It can be installed in any Ekinops 360 chassis allowing customers to upgrade their networks without having to replace their existing equipment.

With this next generation of technology, Ekinops is halving the per-100G port costs compared to the previous generation, while improving operational efficiency by lowering the footprint and power consumption required to deliver a gigabit of data.  By delivering higher rate channels, PM 400FRS04 increases fibre capacity and at the same time it simplifies network operations as fewer wavelengths need to be managed.

The PM 400FRS04-SF also provides another level of flexibility beyond its FlexRate capabilities with its support for single fibre transport.  Bi-directional operation over a single fibre strand significantly reduces operational expense by allowing service providers to cut their fibre costs in half.  Alternatively, single fibre operation can also be used to generate additional revenue on dual fibre spans by allowing each fibre to support different applications such as metro and long haul, and giving service providers the ability to generate better ROI from their fibre investment.

“The release of our PM 400FRS04-SF just fifteen months after we released our 200G FlexRate solutions is a proud moment for Ekinops,” said François Xavier Ollivier, Chief Operating Officer at Ekinops.  “Tripling the line rate and adding functionality to our FlexRate solutions while also eliminating operational complexity is quite an achievement in that kind of timeframe.  The market is advancing faster than ever and it is important Ekinops continue to provide the solutions our customers demand.”

The new PM 400FRS04-SF is already receiving strong interest from customers in both Europe and North America and will be generally available in the first quarter of 2019.

For more information, visit www.ekinops.com


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