Kao Data links Harlow to Dublin and Amsterdam with euNetworks

Created December 18, 2018
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Kao Data is linking its new data centre campus in the London metro area with the busy data centre markets in Dublin and Amsterdam with a new optical connection provided by euNetworks. The link will be between Kao’s site in Harlow, Essex and core hyperscale data centres in Ireland and Holland, as well as to key London metro sites in Slough, to the West of London, and Docklands in East London.

Kao runs a data centre that is among the first to comply with new standards laid down by the Open Compute Project (OCP), which means that colocation clients can more easily use systems designed for their own specific purposes. The OCP shares designs of the most efficient modular server and storage data centre systems developed by its members.

Jan Daan Luycks, CEO of Kao Data, said: “It is essential that Kao Data is investing in guaranteed connectivity to the most advanced and dense data locations. This attracts customers from the widest base, including hyperscalers and financial, retail, media and enterprise organisations. Kao Data’s recent OCP Ready status demonstrates our forward thinking, and combined with access to euNetworks’ fibre network, that is a compelling customer opportunity.”

Kevin Dean, chief marketing officer at euNetworks, said: “We are focused on the delivery of fibre-based infrastructure to data centres across our pan-European footprint. This supports the growing bandwidth needs of data centres and the customers needing access into these sites.”

Situated in the London-Stansted-Cambridge technology corridor, the £200m Kao Data Campus (pictured) provides around 150,000 square feet of technical space and 35MW of power for IT equipment. The site comprises of four 8.8MW data centres, each divided into four 2.2MW technology suites. euNetworks owns and operates 14 fibre metropolitan networks connected with a high capacity inter-city backbone, covering 49 cities in 15 countries across Europe. It currently connects over 360 data centres across Europe.  

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