Adva FSP 150 enables optimised 100G aggregation at network edge

Created December 4, 2018
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Adva Optical Networking says it is aiming to meet “soaring demand for cloud and mobile connectivity” with the launch of two new edge devices. The new solutions bring 100Gbit/s service aggregation to the edge of data center and metro networks, boosting capacity and flexibility and creating a 5G-ready infrastructure.

Firstly, the FSP 150-XG480 is a 1.6Tbit/s (800Gbit/s full-duplex) service aggregation device for the rapidly expanding metro edge and helps communication service providers scale their edge networks to accommodate future wholesale, business, mobile fronthaul and backhaul service needs. This is designed to support simple, cost-efficient migration from 1 to 10GbE services.

The other new technology is the FSP 150-Z4806, which is designed to enable data center operators to aggregate local traffic with a comprehensive set of Layer 2, Layer 3 and tunneling protocols to interconnect through any network. The new products will be available in the first quarter of 2019

“Our high-density FSP 150-XG480 offers communication service providers more than any edge aggregation device on the market. It features advanced Ethernet OAM and Y.1564 service activation testing as well as the industry’s first uncompromised full line-speed activation testing for 100Gbit/s services. This makes the challenge of migrating from 1 to 10 to 25Gbit/s services in mobile and metro networks easy,” said Stephan Rettenberger, SVP, marketing and investor relations, at Adva.

“Other key aspects of our FSP 150-XG480 are its compact form factor and environmentally hardened design, eliminating the need for air-conditioning and delivering a significant cost advantage over competing products. The FSP 150-XG480 means there’s no need to upgrade for deeper racks as the 2RU device effortlessly slots into existing 300mm racks. With its high port count and comprehensive network synchronisation features, this solution is ideal for expanding the metro and mobile edge,” he added.

The FSP 150-XG480 is an aggregation solution for CSPs seeking to expand their metro networks as they tackle phenomenal metro demand and prepare for next-generation connectivity. By mapping 10 and 25GbE into 100Gbit/s aggregated bandwidth, the solution can easily scale to meet the coming requirements of 5G mobile networks.

The FSP 150-XG480 also supports hardware-based time distribution, enabling ultra-precise frequency and phase synchronisation. What’s more, with the ability to deliver a total of 1.6Tbit/s (800Gbit/s full-duplex) switching capacity, it can accommodate the most exacting traffic requirements.


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