Industry’s First 600 Gbits/s Demo Over Third Party Open Line System?

Created November 14, 2018
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Tencent Trials ADVA FSP 3000 DCI Technology

ADVA reports that Chinese Internet-based technology and cultural enterprise Tencent has successfully transmitted single-wavelength 600 Gbits/s signals over its OPC-4 Open Line System (OLS). According to ADVA, the ground-breaking trial is a first for the Chinese market and a major milestone for metro Datacentre Interconnect (DCI) networks. “We believe it’s the first time anyone in the industry has successfully transmitted 600 Gbits/s per wavelength over a third-party OLS,” commented Rocky Weicong Zhou, Director, Global Business Development, ADVA.

The trial leveraged ADVA’s FSP 3000 TeraFlex™ hyperscale DCI technology, which features software-defined optics with plug-and-play operation. By transporting 600 Gbits/s per wavelength over an open 100 km OLS, Tencent is highlighting the value of disaggregated solutions to cost-effectively meet the growing bandwidth needs of metro DCI infrastructure.

“What this trial proves is that 600 Gbits/s services are ready to go. With the ADVA FSP 3000 TeraFlex™ plugged into our self-developed open line system OPC-4, we have verified multiple rates from 200 Gbits/s to 600 Gbits/s through various modulation schemes,” added Fangchao Li, Tencent’s Optical Network Architect. “With the highest density available in the current market, ADVA’s open and modular 600 Gbits/s DCI technology has integrated easily and seamlessly into our OPC-4. That simplicity will be invaluable to operators to meet booming data demand and address changing business needs in real time. With this test, we’re highlighting how ultra-high capacity can now be achieved, while also moving away from static, manual operations to an intelligent, programmable optical layer.”

Developed for hyperscale DCI applications, the ADVA FSP 3000 TeraFlex™ is capable of transmitting 3.6 Tbits/s of duplex capacity in a single rack unit, with 600 Gbits/s bandwidth over a single set of optics. It is also billed as offering zero touch provisioning straight from the box.

“With this demo, Tencent has made it clear that it’s ready to lead the way to the next generation of DCI networks,” summed up Weicong Zhou. “It also underlines the importance of disaggregation for enabling operators to optimise each network layer separately.”


This article was written
by John Williamson

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