HiLight’s CMOS tranceiver chips go into production

Created October 4, 2018
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UK-based fabless chip company HiLight Semiconductor has announced the production availability of the HLC12V0 4-in-1 transceiver IC for use in 10G SFP+ SR and AOC applications. The company says that combining HiLight’s CMOS HLR10G0 TIA with the new HLC12V0 provides a complete CMOS chipset solution for these Datacom applications.

The HLC12V0 SR Datacom ‘Combo’ IC highly integrated 4-in-1 functionality features are: 12G limiting amplifier receiver; 12G transmitter; integrated 8051 microcontroller and non-volatile memory with embedded firmware providing digital diagnostic monitoring. This is the first time all of these functions have been combined together in a single CMOS transceiver IC for SFP+ SR and AOC applications. When used with HiLight’s HLR10G0 CMOS transimpedance amplifier customers can realise a complete SFP+ SR transceiver or AOC which offers significant bill-of-materials cost savings, enhanced performance and the lowest operating power in the market. HiLight says it will shortly make available the HLC12L0 LR ‘Combo’ IC with 5-in1 integrated functionality alongside a complete SFP+ LR reference design with typical power consumption of 700mW.

HiLight Semiconductor also announced the production availability of the HLC10P0 5-in-1 transceiver IC for use in symmetric 10G-PON BOSA-on-Board (BoB) and SFP+ module applications. Combining HiLight’s CMOS HLR10G1 TIA with the new HLC10P0 provides a complete CMOS chipset solution for 10G-PON applications.

While there is a significant market in China and Asia in general for 10G-PON systems, demand is rising globally, according to Julie Kunstler, principal analyst at Ovum. She says, “10G-PON optics and equipment are shipping today and being deployed by operators around the globe. Technology innovations are lowering the costs of next-gen PON optics dramatically, particularly 10G symmetrical. Consequently, we are showing a strong ramp in 10G-PON and, by 2023, next-gen optics will account for more than 80% of total PON optics revenues.”

During the recent CIOE show in Shenzhen, China, HiLight also demonstrated its forthcoming 100G Datacom product line capability with a complete quad 25G receiver with integrated CDRs, consuming less than 600mW typical. The quad receiver IC forms part of a complete CMOS chipset solution for 100G QSFP28 applications developed by HiLight for next generation 100G optical links requiring reduced power consumption and lower BOM costs as volume demand continues to grow in Asian markets and specifically for China’s vast mega-datacentres requirements.


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