CityFibre splashes out another £2.5bn on UK full fibre roll-out

Created October 29, 2018
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Following the company’s acquisition this June by Antin Infrastructure Partners and West Street Infrastructure Partners, CityFibre has announced a new £2.5bn UK full fibre roll-out plan.


The plan revolves around 37 towns and cities where the company already has critical fibre spine assets, which are “primed” for expansion for fibre-to-the-home deployments. CityFibre’s roll-out will deliver 5m homes with full fibre, equating to one third of the UK government’s 2025 target of 15m full fibre homes.


The scale of its plan means it will be awarding city and town-wide fibre construction contracts across the country for “several years to come”, said CityFibre. The investment plan promises to reach a fifth of the UK consumer market.


With Vodafone as its first consumer ISP customer, CityFibre’s fibre-to-the-home builds are currently underway in Milton Keynes, Peterborough and Aberdeen, with construction due to start in Edinburgh, Stirling, Coventry and Huddersfield before the end of this year, and Cambridge, Leeds and Southend-on-Sea shortly afterwards.


Greg Mesch, CEO of CityFibre, said: “With a head-start in 37 towns and cities, this full fibre investment plan enables us to further accelerate our roll-out, catalysing huge economic growth in regional towns and cities across the country and transforming the UK’s digital future.


“Our rollout will soon bring to scale an innovative wholesale network, providing internet service providers and mobile network operators with greater choice and unrivalled technical capabilities.”


Vodafone said: “Gigabit connectivity is essential in helping to drive forward the digital economy and improve people’s lives. Under our partnership with CityFibre it was always the intention to roll out fibre more widely, and we continue to see them as a strategic partner in delivering this plan.”

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