Mellanox begins shipping new 200G and 400G systems in time for ECOC

Created September 4, 2018
Mellanox recently posted its second quarter results and reported sales of $268.5m, an increase of 26.7%News and Business

Interconnection vendor Mellanox Technologies has begun shipping 200GbE Ethernet and InfiniBand HDR LinkX optical transceivers, active optical cables (AOCs) and direct attach copper cables (DACs) for use in upcoming 200Gb/s systems. Additionally, Mellanox is shipping 400G QSFP-DD DAC cables for use in next generation systems.

The new LinkX 200Gb/s product line provides options for switch, server and storage network connectivity for HDR InfiniBand and 200/400GbE infrastructures. LinkX is part of the Mellanox “end-to-end” ecosystem, including Spectrum2 200GbE and Quantum HDR systems and ConnectX-6 network adapters.

Mellanox will showcase the complete LinkX product line of 100G, 200G and 400G products at the CIOE 2018 conference in Shenzhen, China on 5-8 September and at the ECOC 2018 conference on 24-26 in Rome.

Products demomstrated will include the 200G SR4/HDR Transceiver, a 4x50G PAM4 transceiver that uses the QSFP56 form-factor and forms the basis for transceivers and AOC products for Mellanox’s 200G systems. And 200GbE, HDR DAC and AOC cables will be displaying both straight and y-splitter 100GbE and HDR100 form-factors. The 400G SR8 Transceiver, an 8-channel parallel transceiver, will also be on display.

In other news, Mellanox has announced that its HDR 200G InfiniBand solution has been selected to accelerate the new large-scale supercomputer to be deployed at the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC). The system, named Frontera, will leverage HDR InfiniBand to deliver the highest application performance, scalability and efficiency possible.

Frontera will deliver approximately twice the performance compared to the current system at TACC, and is expected to be operational in early 2019. If installed today, Frontera would be ranked among the top five fastest supercomputers in the world, said TACC.

Mellanox recently posted its second quarter results and reported sales of $268.5m, an increase of 26.7% when compared to the $212m in the second quarter of 2017. There was a GAAP operating income of $16.6m this time, instead of the $4.4m loss in Q2 2017.


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