Deviser’s Fibre Tester for Data Centers

Created September 4, 2018
The Deviser AE3100 streamlines both verification and troubleshooting, significantly reducing CAPEX and OPEX.Technologies and Products

The proven value of instant, worldwide access to data has triggered an explosive demand for cloud computing services.  From mobile apps to corporate/personal information to downloadable media content, millions of terabytes of data are uploaded and downloaded each day through cloud storage centres around the world.  This overwhelming need for cloud storage places pressure on data centres to guarantee service 24/7, as even a brief interruption in service can devastate customers and businesses who depend on reliable access to their data. Consistent service is achievable with good-quality equipment. But without a reliable foundation – i.e., a dependable physical layer to carry all this data – no amount of equipment upgrades will provide superior service to customers who expect anywhere-anytime access.

How do you ensure that the quality of fibre is in optimal condition to support this overwhelming demand?  By making sure that the fibre links have no faults and by having clean connectors.  In order to verify fibre efficiently, you need a single piece of test equipment that can inspect connectors, find faults quickly, and ensure that the optical loss of the fibre is within required limits.

Deviser’s new AE3100 is designed specifically for verifying optical fibres in high-capacity data centres.  The AE3100 combines a fibre inspection scope, visual fault locator, optical power meter, and OTDR in one unit, making it the only tool required for testing fibre in the data centres.  This handheld unit can be configured with both single mode and multi-mode options, and has a 7” touchscreen ideal for viewing the smallest details in the OTDR trace. The AE3100 is also designed for measuring short distances, which is well suited to the large number of short-distance fibres employed in data centres.

This lightweight, durable meter also comes with Deviser’s FibrePath intelligent fibre analysis software, enabling technicians to find faults quickly and accurately by simplifying the interpretation process of complex OTDR traces. The Deviser AE3100 streamlines both verification and troubleshooting, significantly reducing CAPEX and OPEX.

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