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Created June 11, 2018
The EON-121 is a low power, small footprint 100G transponderTechnologies and Products

ProLabs offers a full suite of compatibility product for network connectivity.  With a suite of 100G solutions, Prolabs is able to offer customers complete control over infrastructure development and the ability to increase distance reach and bandwidth while reducing power consumption.

The new range of 100G Green transceivers are designed to help reduce power consumption by greater than 30% without compromising performance. In addition, the lower power consumption enables a 40% wider operating range enabling reliable operation from +85°C to -10°C. This provides a great deal of flexibility when used within data centres and closets that have extremely high temperatures, while providing alternatives for outdoor cabinets and network interface devices. Overall, the lower heat dissipation results in higher reliability and longevity.

100G longer reach products allow service providers to utilise their existing fibre networks to increase their data throughput speeds. Innovations that address the size and power concerns are emerging with PAM4 and coherent technologies.  While providing longer distances, line side equipment is necessary to address dispersion and amplification. Such solutions are starting to emerge and offer an alternative to existing technologies.

The EON-121 is a low power, small footprint 100G transponder. It offers a decentralised xWDM architecture by allowing the units to be placed as close to the source of the client traffic as possible. With low power requirements and by enabling the transponders to be placed as close to the traffic source as possible, the EON-121 helps to reduce the operational expenses normally associated with enabling and installing these technologies.

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