NGON: Wave2Wave debuts Connectivity as a Service for telcos and data centre operators

Created June 27, 2018
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Wave2Wave, which specialises in board-level optical interconnect and silicon photonics, data centre infrastructure cabling and robotic optical switching, has launched a Connectivity as a Service (CaaS) offering, which enables data centre and network operators to automate physical layer connectivity without the need for any upfront capital expenditure CAPEX.

At the heart of the service is Wave2Wave’s Robotic Optical Management Engine (ROME) robotic fibre switch. This allows operators to manage the entire network stack from a single interface, right down to the physical layer. Using SDN capabilities, operators can control the robotic arm within the device to physically patch or disconnect fibre optic cables as required. Operators can, via the user interface, also see which patches are in place, which have been removed and how many connections have been made in total. The latter is particularly important for the pricing model.

Once Wave2Wave has installed the switch, the service is based on a pay-as-you-grow model and customers pay a fixed monthly fee equal to US$10 per duplex fibre connection and may use more or fewer connections as required, with the cost being adjusted accordingly. As part of the package, Wave2Wave also provides a range of value-add services to accompany the fibre cross-connect infrastructure, including system setup, monitoring, maintenance and software integration.

“Lack of automation at the physical layer is a 20-year-old problem that impacts every network everywhere in the world,” said David Wang, president and CEO, Wave2Wave. “By automating the configuration of the network physical infrastructure – and by making this service available on a cloud-like basis – we are accelerating change and innovation in data centre and telco networks, especially when it comes to new service rollouts.”

Wave2Wave says this service-oriented approach represents a major change in the way telcos and data centre operators fund, build and manage their networks. The no risk, pay-as-you-grow model eliminates the capital expense of purchasing and deploying in-house hardware.

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