Lisa Youngers Appointed by US Fiber Broadband Association as Executive Director

Created June 27, 2018
“Lisa is a dynamic leader and telecommunications advocacy professional,” said Scott Jackson, Chairman of the Board,News and Business

The Fibre Broadband Association, the largest trade association in the Americas dedicated to all-fibre optic broadband, has announced that its Board of Directors has appointed Lisa Youngers to become the Association’s Executive Director effective July 9, 2018.

Youngers, who brings two decades of communications industry experience to the Association, was most recently the CEO of Nextlink. The FBA said Youngers’ broad industry experience “is extremely relevant as fibre deployments move beyond homes and businesses to become the critical fabric of fibre densification network initiatives for wireless infrastructure investment.”

“Lisa is a dynamic leader and telecommunications advocacy professional,” said Scott Jackson, Chairman of the Board, “This is an exciting and challenging time for our members, the Association and the industry as fibre is pushed deeper and deeper into the network, bringing blazing fast and reliable speeds to homes, businesses and next generation wireless networks.

“We’re extremely fortunate to have found a leader with Lisa’s deep understanding of all aspects of the business as well as the public policies that govern it, which will be critical as we navigate and lead in this ever-changing environment.”

“The Fibre Broadband Association is the ‘go-to’ organization in this industry and I am delighted to join this group of professionals dedicated to accelerating the connected future,” said Lisa Youngers. “Everyday, Fibre Broadband Association’s members work hard to deliver the best connectivity to businesses and communities across the country—and the globe, a goal on which I have based my career. I look forward to helping the Association work towards a faster, more efficient, better-connected world.”

Prior to leading Nextlink, Youngers was Vice President and Assistant General Counsel of Federal Advocacy and Strategy at XO Communications. She succeeds President and CEO Heather Burnett Gold, who is retiring.

Fibre Broadband Association
The Fibre Broadband Association is the largest and only trade association in the Americas dedicated to the pursuit of all fibre optic network infrastructure to the home, to the business and to everywhere.

The FBA helps providers make informed decisions about how, where, and why to build better broadband networks with fibre optics while counting on its members to lead the organization forward, collaborate with industry allies and propel fibre optic deployment forward. Since 2001, these companies, organizations and people have worked with our communities and consumers in mind to build a better broadband future here and around the world.

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