Kao Data offers wholesale connectivity to its data centre with Openreach fibre service

Created June 27, 2018
Wholesale colocation player Kao Data has installed two Openreach fibre spines offering data connectivity for its London ONE data centre customersNews and Business

Wholesale colocation player Kao Data has installed two Openreach fibre spines offering data connectivity for its London ONE data centre customers. The Openreach EAD (Ethernet Access Direct) offering allows customers’ external sites a direct (point-to-point) connection to the data centre, delivering multiple high bandwidth connections to build and extend their networks.

Openreach EAD is designed to support a range of customer requirements, allowing them to develop new infrastructure and meet low capacity backhaul requirements, up to 1Gbps. The installation provides the resources for customers to implement cloud computing capabilities with the knowledge that two diverse fibre routes ensure a high degree of network reliability for critical customer applications.

The capability provides an automatic switch from primary path to secondary data path, activated within 50 milliseconds, as protection from unforeseen incidents.

Jan Daan Luycks, CEO of Kao Data, said: “We offer carrier neutral communications options, providing a highly flexible, reliable and cost effective approach to the growing data transfer needs of business, government and academia. The installation of the Openreach fully diverse fibre provides customers with high speed, reliable data transport.”

The fibre cable installation is terminated within the customer server hall, using Openreach fibre and products to ensure optimised implementation and minimised cable runs from the customer systems to the Openreach product racks.

Bill Quirke, head of data centre delivery at Openreach, said: “The fully diverse fibre installation provides a highly flexible solution for high-speed, resilient data traffic with an estimated ten-day lead time on customer connections, and with no excess construction charges.

“Together with the introduction of new products for this service portfolio, Openreach can offer data centre customers support for upgrades to coherent 40Gbps and 100Gbps interfaces, allowing for delivery of up to ten times more traffic capacity than before.”

The services are provided to wholesale and colocation providers offering dedicated fibre links and high bandwidth services up to 10Gbps, and with the capability to access 200 Ethernet communication providers.

Situated in the London-Stansted-Cambridge technology corridor, the £200m Kao Data Campus provides around 150,000 square feet of technical space and 35MW of power for IT equipment. The site comprises four 8.8MW data centres, each divided into four 2.2MW technology suites.

Kao Data recently became the first European data centre operator working with the Open Compute Project towards full validation of OCP engineering principles. It is only the second data centre operator worldwide working towards full validation. The process will be complete when Kao Data presents its results during the OCP Regional Summit in Amsterdam on 1-2 October.

The OCP Data Centre Facility project was developed to maximise the mechanical performance and thermal and electrical efficiency of Open Compute Project servers. The project comprises electrical and mechanical components, and focusses its efforts on five functional areas of the data centre, including power, cooling, IT space layout and design, facility management and control, and facility operations.

The Open Compute Project Foundation was founded in 2011 by Facebook, Intel and Rackspace.


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