Lumentum selects Veeco MOCVD system for next-gen comms applications

Created May 24, 2018
Including high-speed fibre-optic communications, 3D sensing and materials processing.Applications and Research

Including high-speed fibre-optic communications, 3D sensing and materials processing.

Veeco Instruments has announced that Lumentum Holdings has ordered the Veeco K475i Arsenide/Phosphide Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition system for production of its advanced semiconductor components, which address the 3D sensing, high-speed fiber-optic communications and laser-based materials processing end-markets.

“The global communications, industrial and consumer electronics markets that our proprietary semiconductor lasers address are growing rapidly,” said Susan Wang, vice president of manufacturing at Lumentum.

‘Exceptional performance’
“We chose Veeco’s K475i system with its high capacity and throughput, uniformity of quality, repeatability and exceptional performance to help expand our capacity and better address these growth opportunities. We have a longstanding relationship with Veeco and look forward to future collaboration together.”

The K475i system incorporates proprietary TurboDisc and Uniform FlowFlange MOCVD technologies. These innovations allow Veeco customers to improve compositional uniformity and dopant control while reducing cost-per-wafer by up to 20 percent compared to alternative systems through higher productivity, best-in-class yields and lower operating expenses. Application areas include lighting, solar, laser diodes, vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers, pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistors and heterojunction bipolar transistors.

“A leading player in the optical communications and commercial laser markets, Lumentum is well positioned to capitalize on the growing demand for next-generation laser and optical devices using Veeco MOCVD technology,” said Peo Hansson, PhD, senior VP and general manager of MOCVD Operations at Veeco.

“As customers look for technologies that enable demanding new applications in increasingly competitive markets, many leading photonics, power electronics and LED device manufacturers continue to choose our proven MOCVD systems that deliver strong wafer uniformity and the lowest cost of ownership.”


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