POET In SilTerra Optical Interposer Tie-up

Created April 10, 2018
POET CEO Dr. Suresh VenkatesanTechnologies and Products

Designer, developer and manufacturer of optoelectronic devices POET Technologies Inc has inked an optical interposer teamwork deal with Malaysia’s SilTerra. The master collaboration agreement with the Malaysia-based semiconductor wafer foundry covers the co-development of certain fabrication processes, and the manufacturing of POET’s optical interposer platform. The partnership is expected to accelerate the path to commercial production of the optical interposer, which will enable optical engines for single-mode transceiver modules and other high bandwidth devices.

Together, the companies will use critical waveguide processes previously developed by POET for its optical interposer, and implement the process flows on newly purchased equipment at SilTerra’s 8-inch silicon foundry in Kulim, Malaysia. In support of this activity, SilTerra has agreed to assist financially with the purchase of specialised semiconductor fabrication and testing equipment, as well as to share certain costs associated with facilities enhancements and installation of equipment for manufacturing the optical interposer. Additionally, the collaboration includes a wafer purchase agreement for the manufacturing of prototype, initial production and volume production wafers.

“Following several months of preliminary collaborative work together, this agreement with SilTerra represents a significant milestone toward our goal of commercialising POET’s optical interposer platform. The combined resources and investments of the two companies enables us to establish a unique manufacturing process as well as a reliable supply of wafers for our optical interposer,” commented POET CEO Dr. Suresh Venkatesan. “SilTerra offers POET a truly unique combination of advanced 90 nanometer lithography, cost-effective 8-inch silicon processing copper metallisation and MEMS capabilities, all of which are needed for our optical interposer. As a result of this partnership, POET has now secured a key element in the commercialisation process allowing us to establish more engagements with prospective customers.”

“SilTerra is delighted to be working with POET in what we regard as a key strategic engagement to address the increasing need for cost-effective solutions for Data Centre Interconnects through the innovative use of silicon in photonics,” added SilTerra’s CEO Firdaus Abdullah. “POET’s optical interposer is a major advance over other approaches to optical interconnects, and facilitates the co-packaging of electronics and photonics devices in a single Multi-Chip-Module (MCM).”

Last month we reported that POET had signed an MOU with optical components firm Accelink Technologies. That agreement outlined a path for mutual cooperation, with the objective of developing, qualifying and selling a family of transceiver products based on POET’s optical interposer platform.



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