Open Fiber And Retelit Cooperate On Italian FTTx

Created April 25, 2018
Dario Pardi, Chairman of RetelitNews and Business

Italy’s wholesale network reseller Open Fiber and Italian provider of data and infrastructure services Retelit have signed a commercial agreement to extend their infrastructure across the country. The goal is to offer customers ultra-broadband connectivity and services based entirely on fibre running as far as customer homes and premises.

Under the terms of the deal, Open Fiber will offer to Retelit – with a particular focus on the business segment – access to its FTTH network. In return Retelit will make available its infrastructure, and allow Open Fiber to maximise reuse of existing systems in building its national network.

In the 271 cities covered by Open Fiber’s strategic plan in the administrative clusters A and B, the duo aim to optimise their respective networks, in the process building more extensive national coverage and allowing customers to benefit from a more comprehensive ultra-broadband network.

“The agreement with Retelit allows us to further extend, particularly for the business segment, our programme for the development of the FTTH network which we are building, leveraging on Retelit’s potential in terms of business with enterprises,” commented Open Fiber CEO Elisabetta Ripa.

“The partnership with Open Fiber is reflective of the major transformation in train in Italy and concerning the new ICT frontiers: adequate infrastructure and comprehensive and reliable networks are required, supporting new technological trends, including the development of IoT, Artificial Intelligence and mobile payments,” added Dario Pardi, Chairman of Retelit. “The development strategy for the Open Fiber network responds concretely to these needs, and will surely allow us to address as best as possible our business services target market.”

At present Retelit’s fibre optic infrastructure covers over 12,500 km (equivalent to approximately 231,000 km of fibre optic cables, of which 67,000 km are located in metro networks). The network connects nine Metropolitan Area Networks and 15 datacentres across Italy. The Retelit network also extends beyond Italy through a pan-European ring with PoPs in Frankfurt and London. The company additionally reaches the main European telecommunications hubs, including Amsterdam and Paris.


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by John Williamson

John Williamson is a freelance telecommunications, IT and military communications journalist. He has also written for national and international media, and been a telecoms advisor to the World Bank.