$3.62 billion Multimode Connector Market In 2027

Created April 30, 2018
2017 Global Fiber Optic Connector/Mechanical Splice Market Share (%) by Product TypeNews and Business

According to market and technology forecast firm ElectroniCast Consultants, the value of the worldwide optical multimode connector market will grow to over $3.62 billion in 2027, up from nearly $2.52 billion in 2017. Overall, the global fibre optic connector/mechanical splice consumption value reached $3.94 billion last year, with multimode connectors accounting for 64% of the total, singlemode 34% and mechanical splice 2%.

These are findings from ElectroniCast’s annual market forecast and analysis of the use of fibre optic connectors and mechanical splices in communication applications.
As noted by the consultancy, multimode fibre is best suited for use in short lengths, such as those used in Local Area Networks (LANs), datacentres and other private enterprise applications, as well military/aerospace, harsh environment and specialty applications (automotive, sensors, medical, oil/gas, fibre inside the home, and others).

“The multimode LC small form factor connector is forecast to maintain the leadership position in relative market share throughout the forecast period,” said Stephen Montgomery, Director of the Fiber Optic Component group at ElectroniCast.
“Field-installable connectors for indoor and outdoor use are increasing in demand and thus are increasing in volume for several end-use options. Both mechanical-splice and fusion-splice technologies are meeting the requirements in the field-installable fibre optic connector availability.”

The global fibre optic connector/mechanical splice consumption is driven by a dramatic increase in bandwidth demand beyond the limits of copper. As optical fibre use migrates closer and closer to the end user, where cable lengths are shorter with higher fibre counts, the requirements for jointing fibres becomes more critical. Splicing and connecting, play a significant role in a network’s cost and performance.

ElectroniCast counts over 100 vendors competing for the global fibre optic connector/mechanical splice market, which the company tracks in a product matrix showing participation in the following: connectors, cable assemblies, optical backplanes, and fibre optic installation apparatus. However, the market is dominated by a few companies that have a broad base in various interconnect products.


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by John Williamson

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