Telia signs service provider Pilot to its global backbone

Created March 8, 2018
Telia Carrier’s global fibre backbone has grown organically without acquisitionsApplications and Research

Telia Carrier has announced a partnership with Pilot, which has deployed its IP Transit services throughout North Eastern US. These services enable Pilot to expand its regional infrastructure, support backbone traffic and enhance the end-user experience, says Telia.

Pilot’s high-IQ fiber-optic internet offers businesses speeds of up to 10G in offices and 100G in data centres. Pilot provides solutions to more than 1,250 businesses and 75,000 end users.

“Businesses today demand the highest-quality online experience to best serve their customers. Pilot started its business with this understanding and is committed to providing the highest-speed, most resilient, dedicated bandwidth,” said Rob Pulkownik, director of market development at Telia Carrier.


Founded in 2014, Pilot pairs advanced fibre optic technology with proprietary smart software to provide internet that is designed to be faster, more reliable and more secure. Based in New York City, Pilot currently provides services in New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC and Boston.

Christian Koch, manager of core network planning at Pilot, said: “Telia Carrier has been a true partner to Pilot as we continue to realise our vision of delivering uninterrupted, dedicated broadband connectivity to customers at speeds of up to 200 times faster than the competition.”

“Telia delivers a superior customer experience, technical excellence and true value to our business. We look forward to continuing to expand our network across the US with Telia Carrier.”

Telia Carrier’s global fibre backbone has grown organically without acquisitions, and the carrier claims it was the first to be 100G-enabled in both Europe and North America. Its worldwide connectivity is delivered through over 230 points of presence (PoPs) across Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East, including more than 80 PoPs in North America alone.

Last month, Telia Carrier said it had signed a deal with one of Sweden’s fastest growing hosting companies, GleSYS, to provide improved capacity and support its future growth plans. GleSYS has connected to the Telia Carrier global backbone.

Also this year, Costa Rica’s state-owned telecommunications provider, the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE), selected Telia Carrier’s global fibre backbone to provide dedicated internet access to its customers in Central America.


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by Peter Dykes

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